Water, second to air, is the most important component necessary for vital health.                                     On average babies are composed of about 75% water Men are composed of about 60% water Women are composed of about 55% Benefits of […]

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WELLNESS LIFE ZONE FOOT ZONE ACADEMY Healthy Respiratory System-Cold/Flu Prevention and Support

  Foot Zone practitioners never trigger symptomatic pressure points. They work through mapped pressure points (know as trigger points) of systems in the body in order to get to the cause of condition. For instance, if there is a respiratory condition, not only do the pressure points for the lungs need special attention, but other […]

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What Pre-med and Nursing Students Wanted to Know About Foot Zoning

Foot Zone Practitioner, Amber Jensen, of Wellness Life Zone, Foot Zone Academy was interviewed by pre-med and nursing students for a class assignment.  Here are some of the following questions asked her and her responses.   Q.  How does foot zoning differ from reflexology? A.  Reflexology originally triggered areas on the feet according to symptoms a […]

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