Does Foot Zoning Help You Fight the Corona Virus

Coronavirus 2019-nCov Microscope virus close up. 3d rendering.

First and foremost, if you are a practicing Foot Zone Practitioner, or a client wanting to schedule a foot zone session, be mindful that it is important to follow all local, state and federal regulations and guidelines given for the coronavirus, also known as COVID-19. Each state and city will have slightly different guidelines so be sure to keep up with the latest news updates and local news.

At this time, most wellness centers, including massage therapy and foot zoning, etc. are closed due to the COVID-19 to protect the spread of the disease. However, some practitioners are working by appointment only and client scheduling sessions far apart to avoid extra social contact. These practitioners may or may not continue practicing upon personal discretion, or stop altogether if mandated by the government to do so.

With that said, if you know how to foot zone, this is a great practice to help your family through the Coronavirus, and we highly recommend you work on members of your own household at this time to avoid anyone getting sick.

One of the most important things to remember about foot zoning is that it doesn’t “cure” anything. It is the body that has its own beautiful innate blueprint of wholeness and the formula to heal given the right environment and tools. Foot zoning is one of those tools. The foot zone is merely awakening the body to remember its wholeness. As a foot zone practitioner triggers all the acupressure points during a foot zone session, all the systems of the body receive electromagnetic signals, awakening each organ. All body systems work together even better to create and/or maintain homeostasis. It’s just that simple.

The practice of foot zoning includes all foot zone signals for the entire body. And for the coronavirus there are some major areas of focus and foot zone acupressure signals for the practitioner to keep in mind as follows:

  1. Lowering chronic stress levels: When a person is stressed the body can burn up to 10 times the regular amount of minerals it uses in a day. Chronic stress can also lead to depression. Pay close attention to the following acupressure points.
    • Address the entire nervous system which includes the brain, spinal column, and all peripheral nerves and plexuses. This system is receiving sensory information of whatever you are perceiving and then commanding the body to act and function in a manner that supports your perception. So, triggering all acupressure points for the nervous system is essential. Especially pay close attention to the vagus nerve acupressure points. This nerve has a parasympathetic effect, meaning it has a calming effect on the body, such as the heart and heart rate, breathing rate and lungs. This nerve also brings the body into relaxation, allowing you to get to sleep so your mind and body can rest, digest and rebuild.
    • The adrenal glands are also known as the “stress glands” because they produce proper hormones that control stress management, helping to improve one’s quality of life. If under chronic stress, the adrenals can also become stressed and fatigued. So, triggering these foot zone signals helps bring these glands back into balance.
    • Chakras are energy vortexes of the body. Yet each one can also be a storage unit for “protective holding patterns” due to limiting beliefs. Triggering each chakra and challenging your “limiting beliefs” at the same time can help alleviate the body of stress.
    • The four bodies of health (spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical) also need to be addressed and supported.
  1. Strengthen the immune system. When this virus became a pandemic, most people were only thinking of storing up water, toilet paper and comfort food, along with medical masks and Tylenol, meds, etc. But the best way for the body to fight off any bug is to have a strong immune system. Be sure to purchase and eat live healthy greens, as well as legumes and beans. Beans and legumes can be sprouted and have a high ORAC antioxidants value. Foot zone acupressure points for the immune system are as follows.
    • All tonsils are the internal body’s first line of defense attacking pathogens as we breathe, eat, and talk. If you’ve had a tonsillectomy, no worries. This means the adenoid and palatine tonsils were removed. And about 1/3 of the palatine tonsils are too deep to remove. So, that section, along with the lingual tonsils on the back of the tongue are still attached. And you still have a line of defense here.
    • The liver creates several proteins that break up bacteria. Plus, it helps clean the blood.
    • The spleen also helps clean blood and pathogens.
    • The thymus matures T-cells. T-cells have a major role in starting, fighting, and ending an immune response to a pathogen.
    • The adrenals also modulate inflammation and regulate the immune cells by producing a hormone called cortisol.
  1. The entire lymph system is another major area of focus. This system is loaded with immune cells that fight and kill pathogens throughout your entire body. The lymph system consists of:
    • Tonsils, are lymph glands that are your first line of internal defense
    • The Spleen is an organ similar to a large lymph node that cleanses both the blood and the lymph fluid.
    • Left and right lymph ducts help move lymph fluid back into the bloodstream.
    • The cisterna chyli is the largest lymph node that collects and stores lymph fluid for a period of time, and destroys pathogens within the lymph fluid.
    • The thoracic duct is part of the left lymph duct, that moves lymph toward the heart.
    • Superficial and deep lymph vessels move lymph fluid from all from all regions of the body to lymph nodes where pathogens can be killed. 
  1. The respiratory system is where the corona virus attacks the body most severely. Although one may have a sore throat and fever, the end result is in the lungs. Autopsies of COVID-19 from China showed obstructing respiratory pathways with a thick mucus that solidified and blocked the airways from breathing. The respiratory system consists of the follow:
    • The brainstem stimulates smooth muscles, and the bronchi are loaded with smooth muscles. It also has respiratory centers to help regulate breathing
    • The nasal cavity produces mucous that traps pathogens and removes them from the body.
    • The oral cavity (including all tonsils) also produces mucous that traps pathogens and removes them from the body, or kills pathogens via the tonsils.
    • The throat (pharynx-larynx-trachea) keep your airway open
    • The bronchi contacts and relaxes to help pump air through your airways.
    • The right & left lung tissues help the oxygen we breath go into the red blood cells
    • The plueral sac cushion the lungs and reduce lung friction with a visceral fluid
    • The diaphragm muscle along with the intercostal muscles cause the entire lung to expand and contract, allowing us to breathe
    • Again, the adrenals produce hormones that help open our airways. 

Self-Care for building one’s immune system…

5. Self-care while working at home or quarantined at home will go a long way. There are many things you can do such as the following:

    • Warm liquids help soothe the throat and mucous membranes. Loose mucous can help fight infection.
    • Gargling with a natural antiseptic such as vinegar, lemons or salt have been used for generations as concoctions.  And according to Sorana Segal-Maurer, MD, chief of the Dr. James J. Rahal Jr. Division of Infectious Disease at New York Hospital Queens stated that if you gargle with something such as salt water, “You’re creating a high-salt barrier and you’re pulling out a lot of fluids from the tissues in the throat area. So, you’re washing viruses out. The salt functions as a magnet for water. It’s good for symptomatic relief.
    • Showering or bathing is a great way to wash pathogens out of your hair and off your body. So be mindful of this if you are in a highly populated area at any given time during this pandemic, as well as washing your clothes after being out and about. Hanging clothes in the sunlight is great too. The sun is a natural cleanser and disinfectant for laundry.
    • Considered the spread of contamination. On march 18th, USA TODAY reported that the coronavirus spreads between people who are in close contact with one another through respiratory droplets much like the common cold or flu, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The CDC has said there is likely very low risk of transmission of COVID-19 from products or packaging that are shipped over a period of days or weeks “because of poor survivability of these coronaviruses on surfaces.” But in this same report a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine on Tuesday found that this viable virus could be detected as follows:
      • up to three hours later in the air
      • up to four hours on copper
      • up to 24 hours on cardboard
      • and up to two to three days on plastic and stainless steel.

Most shopping carts are made of galvanized steel and aluminum, and have plastic parts. So, wash your hands often and thoroughly, especially after public activities such as shopping.

  • Wearing a medical or surgical mask in public is highly recommended by the CDC.
  • Exercise and sunshine are also highly recommended, but only away from populated areas. This helps exercise the lungs, release happy endorphins, and can boost your immune system
  • Eat healthy fruits and vegetables to fight infection.
  • Consider over-the-counter nutritional products come in a combination of Vitamin C, Vitamin D3, Vitamin B, and zinc.
  • Essential oils may also be an option for boosting your immune system. Check with your holistic doctor or a certified aroma therapist.
  • CDC recommends if you do have a sore throat and/or a fever, or breathing issues, to contact your doctor to see if you need to be tested for the covid-19 the coronavirus.
  • Having a healthy mindset will also go a long way.

If you are in search of foot zoning near me, look for the following most common foot zone titles:

  • Certified by Dr. Ersdal (father of foot zone therapy) – Foot Zone Therapist
  • Certified by Wellness Life Zone, Foot Zone Academy – Foot Zone Practitioner
  • Certified by Nordblom Institute – Foot Zonologist, or Zonologist (trademark)
  • Commonly used nicknames for some certified practitioners or a hobbyist – foot zoner, foot zoner, or zoner