• Amber


Water, second to air, is the most important component necessary for vital health.                                    

On average babies are composed of about 75% water

Men are composed of about 60% water

Women are composed of about 55%

Benefits of drinking clean water

  1. It’s free or very inexpensive to consume
  2. Flushes and rids the body of toxins
  3. Dissolves minerals and transports nutrients and oxygen to every cell in the body
  4. Moisturizes and improves tissues and complexion
  5. Helps the brain be more alert and focus
  6. Boosts energy levels
  7. Promotes weight loss and raises metabolism
  8. Supports the digestive system and reduces constipation
  9. Dissolves minerals and nutrients
  10. Regulates body temperature
  11. Helps regulate the circulatory and heart health
  12. Boosts the immune system