What is Foot Zoning

What is Foot ZoningWhen it comes to alternative forms of healing, you would have come across Ayurveda and acupuncture. You would have also heard about oil-pulling and tapping.

However, there is one type of healing which is yet to go mainstream and quite as powerful as the above techniques. In a time where medical professionals prescribe tons of medications which come with a lot of side effects, the need for alternative solutions is on the rise.

As the premier foot zone education in Sandy, UT, we want to introduce a new type of healing to you.

Foot Zoning – What is it?

Enter foot zoning, a type of therapy where the practitioner uses the ability of your body to heal itself. The medical professional will use specific techniques on your feet, which in turn correspond to various parts of your body.

With the help of detailed maps, the practitioner understands your well-being. The tenderness, texture, and discoloration are some factors the medical professional uses. When he/she triggers the signal point in a specific zone, it sends a message to the affected organ or tissue. The body does this via the reflex arc, due to which you experience a discomfort in imbalanced areas.

As one of the best spots for foot zone education in Sandy, UT, our practitioners have the right certifications to administer this type of therapy. In this holistic approach to healing, this technique ensures all your systems, parts, and organs work together as a unit. As everything efficiently communicates within your body, the number of illnesses you suffer from will reduce significantly.

History of this effective healing technique

Foot zone education in Sandy, UT, has  several practitioners and instructors throughout the united states.  This program traces its roots all the way back to thousands of years. Early civilizations of Egypt, India, and China used the feet to enhance the healing powers of the body.

Foot zoning started to grow in popularity after three doctors provided information on its principles and techniques. Dr. William Fitzgerald found out that there were 10 areas on the body related to the feet and hands. By applying pressure in these locations, the patients experienced relief.

Similarly, Dr. Browers published these findings and called these locations ‘zones’. Dr. Charles Ersdal is the third professional who spent several years studying this type of alternative healing to know more about its effectiveness. He is well-known throughout the foot zoning world since he himself charted the locations along with their trigger points.

Benefits of foot zoning

As the foot zone education in Sandy, UT, people always ask us why they should opt for foot zoning over other techniques. To answer this question, here are four key benefits of this method you will observe:

Allows you to relax

One of the biggest advantages of foot zoning is how it enables you to relax. As the world around you has become busy, everything you do becomes extremely stressful. Due to this reason, your body is always in the state of fight or flight, which has a negative impact in the long run.

Stress causes a lot of health problems, forcing you to pay a visit to the doctor frequently. The foot zone education in Sandy, UT, uses foot zoning techniques to help you relax. As a result, you will be able to recover faster.

Enhances body’s ability to heal

As discussed earlier, your body can heal itself provided you give yourself enough time. The beauty of foot zoning, according to foot zone education in Sandy, UT, is that it works well to improve your well-being.

It aligns your systems, increasing their potential to combat a variety of diseases, improving your immunity. The reason why foot zoning is effective is that it awakens the true power of your body’s natural healing powers, allowing you to live a healthy life.

Improves sleep

When you don’t get enough sleep, your body suffers immensely. It won’t be able to heal your system, which can cause issues in the future. Foot zone education in Sandy, UT uses a variety of techniques aimed to improve the quality of sleep. In this state, your body will be able to repair itself, resulting in a positive impact on your health in the long run.

Increases energy

Another vital benefit that foot zone education in Sandy, UT provides is a significant increase in energy. As a result, you will be able to live life as you always dreamed of. It will help you stay motivated while giving you the strength to accomplish all your goals. Also, you won’t feel tired, which allows you to get several things done throughout the day.

Foot zoning is one of the best ways to enhance the natural healing ability of your body to improve your well-being. Get in touch with the Wellness Life Zone – the foot zone education in Sandy, UT –  to find a practitioner or instructor near you .  You can also access their free classes today so that you can learn about this marvelous technique and help thousands of people!

To find a qualified foot zone professional near you, look for the following most common foot zone titles:

  • Certified by Dr. Ersdal (father of foot zone therapy) – Foot Zone Therapist
  • Certified by Wellness Life Zone, Foot Zone Academy – Foot Zone Practitioner
  • Certified by Nordblom Institute – Foot Zonologist, or Zonologist (trademark)
  • commonly used nick names for some certified practitioners or a hobbiest – footzoner, foot zoner or zoner