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footzoneAll my life, my sister and I have been rock hounds and have a difficult time keeping shoes on our feet.  As a little girl, I lived in the countryside and loved running barefoot up and down the dirt roads.  Not until years later did I discover the benefits of rocks or gems and their grounding effects. Finally, I appreciated and understood my childhood rituals, and what my body’s blueprint wanted.

My first conscious gemstone therapy experience happened in the late 1990s.  My husband gave me a beautiful amethyst set of jewelry.  It was my birthstone, and way too fancy to wear in my daily life.  I would wear it to his business functions, but within two hours, the amethyst jewelry would feel very heavy. I would take it off and place it in his tuxedo pocket.  I had another experience with amethyst that is too long to discuss in this article but was powerful.

I learned through experience amethyst pulls away negative energy and will cleanse a room.  I studied gemstone therapy to some extent and continued having energetic experiences with many types of gems.  In early 2000 I used gem therapy during my foot zone therapy sessions.  Often, a client would come to a foot zone therapy appointment upset or stressed about something.  I would have my client hold specific gems for specific emotions.  As the client held the gems, he or she would calm down much quicker, and as I would take the gems back, the gems would always seem on fire.  Later I also purchased gem sticks.

Another fabulous experience became a turning point for using gem tools with foot zone therapy.  In 2007, I was teaching foot zone therapy classes in Utah.  One student was a gentleman from Nevada who was having a difficult time feeling the foot zone signals.  His hands were  feeling raw from foot zoning all weekend, and he finally said, “I wish you had a tool or something to save my hands.”  I thought back to a time when I was certifying in Foot Zone Therapy.  I remembered watching Dr. Ersdal, the father of foot zone therapy, use a wooden stick for zoning certain parts of the feet.  I bought one of his zoning tools but didn’t care for it because I couldn’t feel the signals.  I will scientifically explain the reason later.  As I was thinking about Dr. Ersdal’s tool, I remembered the gem sticks I bought earlier.  So, I handed them to each student.

Within just a few minutes the gentleman called and was elated because he could feel the foot zone signals through the gem stick, the other students also agreed.  They stated that the gem stick seemed to amplify the signals.  The students receiving the foot zone treatment with this gem stick also felt incredible energy coming from them.  From that time forward, I purchased gem sticks for my students to use for foot zoning.

Years later, as I went into business with Sharla Pearce, a former student, she mentioned that she wanted to use gems with foot zone therapy.  I stated that I was already using them, but she felt we needed to do even more with gem therapy and foot zoning.  She researched the science and laws of physics for gems.  At about that same time, I had discovered several new foot zone signals, including ones for the fascial system and researched the science and physics of fascia to understand it better.  These two studies came together compellingly.  Let me explain.

First, Sharla’s research taught her that gems have crystal called silicone dioxide and when pressure is applied to the crystal, a piezoelectric effect takes place.  That is why our first radios, which were crystal radios, did not require electricity and why quartz watches keep the most accurate time.  Today, science has developed a man-made form of crystal used in cell phones, computers, iPad, etc.  It is an inexpensive way to run them, but also creates a toxic electromagnetic field because it is not pure crystalline.  Sharla also learned that gems have the least degree of entropy, meaning gems have the highest state of order.  Gems can receive energy, organize and amplify it.  This is not philosophy, but science and physics.  This piezoelectric effect also creates healing vibrations.  Healing vibrations are why for thousands of years gem therapy has been and still is used worldwide for healing.

As I studied fascia, I learned it was everywhere in the body.  It not only exists as layers of macro bands from the top of the head to the feet, but it also exists in multi-dimensions of the body including the body’s cellular microtubules, and these microtubules house liquid crystalline.  Yes, at the cellular level we are a form of liquid crystal.  Fascia and its liquid crystalline can become disrupted by negative thoughts, emotions, and accidents. Fascia is also affected positively by encouraging forms of vibrations and pressures.  These are formed through sounds, emotions, thoughts, and exercise.  Positive vibrations and pressure create a piezoelectric healing effect in the body.

These two discoveries explained why my students, who used the gem sticks during that class in 2007, felt the foot zone signals.  With the stick, they felt fantastic energy.  Two significant crystalline forms, one from the body, and one from the gems were coming together to form a synergistic piezoelectric effect.  A more advanced form of healing throughout the body was produced with foot zone therapy.

Other recognized benefit of using gem tools with foot zone therapy are:

  1. Gems are a perfect bridge between the client and the practitioner.  This bridge means the healing properties of a gem passes to both the client and the practitioner.  As the foot zone practitioner presses his or her hand on the gem, the piezoelectric effect and properties of the gem pass through the practitioner’s hand and into the client’s body.  The gem is also pressing on the client’s foot, and the piezoelectric effect and properties of the gem are received through the client’s foot into the body.
  2. Foot Zone Practitioners/Foot Zone Therapists who use Gemi Tools™ report that using them during a foot zone session synergizes the session, preserves the therapist’s energy and negates negative energy that a client or practitioner may experience.  This is a huge breakthrough for those who are very empathic and may have difficulty foot zoning because he or she may take on negative energy from clients who are very sick or toxic.

Now Let me explain the scientific reason I couldn’t feel the foot zone signals using Dr. Ersdal’s wooden tool.  Although wood is a natural product, it does not create a piezoelectric effect or conduction of energy once it is pulled from the ground.  Wood is an excellent conduit for energy if it is rooted, meaning grounded or plugged into the earth where silicone dioxide exists. The mineral silicon dioxide is the scientific name for a crystal.  It is what creates the piezoelectric effect.  However, petrified wood is full of crystal, and is beneficial for foot zoning.

Many foot zone schools and reflexology schools worldwide use acupressure tools.  Asia is a perfect example of this and has used gem tools for acupuncture, reflexology, scraping, and massage for hundreds, if not thousands of years.

Wellness Life Zone, Foot Zone Academy ( understands and teaches the science of crystal silicon dioxide and the benefits of gem therapy.  The Academy of Foot Zone Therapy also uses zoning tools made from clay, which contains silicon dioxide in them.

Many Foot Zone Practitioners throughout the U.S.A. realize the benefits of Gemi Tools™ ( and Gemi Tools™ are rapidly gaining popularity in this and other healing modalities such as massage therapy, reiki, emotional clearing, etc.   Gemi Tools™ continually receives powerful testimonies from these practitioners about healing effects as a direct result from using the gem tools.

When scientific discoveries such as the benefits of gem therapy tools emerge, it is not difficult for the foot zone practitioner to embrace such an incredible discovery and apply gems to one’s practice for a cleaner, more synergistic advanced form of foot zone therapy.

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To find a qualified foot zone professional near you, look for the following most common foot zone titles:

  • Certified by Dr. Ersdal (father of foot zone therapy) – Foot Zone Therapist
  • Certified by Wellness Life Zone, Foot Zone Academy – Foot Zone Practitioner
  • Certified by Nordblom Institute – Foot Zonologist, or Zonologist (trademark)
  • commonly used nick name for some certified practitioners or a hobbiest – footzoner, foot zoner, or zoner