Foot Zone

Foot Zone

Foot Zone Practitioner, Amber Jensen, of Wellness Life Zone, Foot Zone Academy was interviewed by pre-med and nursing students for a class assignment.  Here are some of the following questions asked her and her responses.


Q.  How does foot zoning differ from reflexology?

A.  Reflexology originally triggered areas on the feet according to symptoms a client was experiencing.  Dr. Ersdal, the father of Foot Zone Therapy and a former reflexologist, discovered and mapped all the systems of the body on the feet. He also found many more signal systems on all sides of the feet and ankles. Dr. Ersdal taught us to trigger signals for the entire body, rather than the symptomatic ones because all cells and systems communicate and interact with each other.  Over the past 23  years, I have seen reflexology charts evolve to more closely resemble Dr. Ersdal’s foot zone maps.

Q.  What are some reasons people choose to get foot zones?

A.  I have worked on clients with a wide variety of conditions. The reason the foot zone is great for anyone because it stimulates the body’s own blueprint to correct itself and bring each system back to a normal line of health.

Q.  Do people get foot zones, rather than go to a doctor?

A.  Foot zoning is never meant to replace the doctors. Just as someone with a broken arm would not seek a massage therapist to set it, neither would one seek a foot zone practitioner when medical attention is needed.


Q.  Do you think Western medicine and Eastern medicine can work together to benefit one’s health?

A.  I am aware that several countries already utilize both Eastern and Western medicine together. A doctor may prescribe a pharmaceutical drug along with an herb, and the pharmacist will prepare it. I have been privileged to work on clients while they were going through cancer treatment at the University of Utah Hospital.  I was well received and respected by the medical staff.


Q.  What did the cancer patients feel the foot zone would do for them?

A.  They felt it was a natural way for them to relieve pain and stress. Massage Therapists and Physical Therapists were also on the floor.