Foot Zoning Session

footzone accupressure

After a session of foot zoning, most people feel relaxed and empowered.

They may also feel revived or very tired.  Don’t worry if you feel tired-that’s

also natural. It’s your body telling you to go to sleep.  The body heals itself

as it sleeps, and if you feel tired after a foot zone session, you need to

allow your body time to relax and rebuild.

What does a foot

zone technique do?

A foot zone technique brings your body into balance.  When your body is stimulated through foot zone therapy, it is awakened to know what it needs and what you should do about your physical difficulties.  This gives your body the opportunity to heal.  It can take anywhere from 1 to 12 days after a foot zone session for your body to accomplish what the zone set in motion.  You may feel relaxed and fine after the session.  Many times within a period of three days or later you may need more sleep.  This feeling of fatigue is the body’s energy system balancing itself.  The foot zone technique treats your body in its entirety.  It doesn’t address specific disease or issues but balances the body to bring it to a state of homeostasis.  Foot zone practitioners do not heal your woes directly, but there have been remarkable results that have happened during and after a session.  Clients have experienced headache relief, back pain reprieve, plus digestive and sleep disorders have disappeared.  Clients have felt depression lighten, autoimmune diseases ease up, stress calmed, and so much more.

Is Foot Zoning Painful?

Foot Zone acupressure is governed by similar principles as a massage therapist.  Applied pressure to the body for a massage therapist is regulated on a scale of 1-10.  The rule of thumb for the massage therapist is to apply that pressure between a 5 and 7 unless the client is too sensitive to the pressure.  Then the massage therapist should lighten up the pressure to assure the comfort of his or her client.  This same technique is used by a well-trained, certified foot zone practitioner.  In a fairly healthy person, a foot zone feels amazing and relaxing.  But when the signals in your feet are blocked, and a practitioner attempts to open these signals to balance your body, you could feel uncomfortable.

Remember some acupressure signals are blocked, while others are just fine.  You may feel a relaxing, or stimulating pressure, or your therapy session may feel slightly painful in areas, or uncomfortable throughout the entire foot zone, depending upon your health, the stress in your life, and your lifestyle choices.

Every foot zone is dissimilar, and everyone is different.  It’s almost like peeling an onion.  Every session gets you to a new layer.  The foot zone is designed to allow your body to heal.

As your certified foot zone technician or practitioner works on your feet, he or she will also discuss the technique you are receiving so you understand what is happening, and to help you relax and heal.

Professional pressure applied to the zones in your feet can relieve pain in your body.  Basically, the best foot zone therapy comes from highly trained foot zone practitioners who can help you ease the underlying cause of your pain.

How long does a foot zone session last?

Your first-foot zone session could take 60-90 minutes, and subsequent sessions may take about 45-60 minutes.  The size of your feet, the condition of your health, and the number of questions you have will influence the time it takes to unblock the signals on your feet.

The best foot zone techniques are given by those who are highly trained in anatomy and physiology because they understand the body and how it works.  Wellness Life Zone, Foot Zone Academy has high rankings on Google and Facebook because their practitioners are well educated, give quality foot zone sessions, and take the time necessary to get great results for their clients.  They are highly sought after.  These techniques work with the body’s intelligence and allow the body to do what it can.

Should I see a Certified Foot Zone Practitioner or a Certified Zone Therapist?

Many times, depending upon a title preference, a Certified Foot Zone Practitioner may also be referred to as a Certified Foot Zone Therapist.  Both titles are accurate, and because there is so much more that happens during a session than you even realize, the Practitioner/Therapist experience and knowledge are essential for achieving the full mental, emotional and physical benefits.

Foot zone therapy means information is sent to the brain and the brain makes the corrections to your entire health system.  Zone therapy is a signal or electromagnetic treatment, and it treats the body holistically rather than symptomatically as found in a reflexology treatment.  When you receive foot zone therapy, your body is treated in its entirety.  A Certified Foot Zone Practitioner from Wellness Life Zone, Foot Zone Academy is highly trained to know how to do a foot zone therapy treatment in its entirety, and when to tune-up compromised systems between foot zone sessions.

How do I find a Foot Zone Therapist/Practitioner?

When you choose a Foot Zone Therapist/Practitioner, ask questions.  Each therapist/Practitioner uses his or her own style and techniques, and one technique may fit you better than another.  Ask questions like, where did you get your training?  How much training did you receive?  How long have you been practicing?  How frequently do you practice?  Can you explain what you are doing?

If you want to experience the full education of the best foot zone techniques, look no further than Wellness Life zone, Foot Zone Academy.  This foot zone education headquarters is located in Sandy Utah with many foot zone instructors and foot zone practitioners to choose from, expanding throughout several cities and several states.  Find one of our highly qualified foot zone instructors and foot zone therapists/practitioners at

Listed below are the most common foot zone titles:

  • Certified by Dr. Ersdal (father of foot zone therapy) – Foot Zone Therapist
  • Certified by Wellness Life Zone, Foot Zone Academy – Foot Zone Practitioner
  • Certified by Nordblom Institute – Foot Zonologist, or Zonologist (trademark)
  • commonly used nick name for some certified practitioners or a hobbiest – footzoner, foot zoner, or zoner