cranial nerves for your eyes

cranial nerves for your eyes

Did you know that you have 12 pairs of cranial nerves, for a total of 24 cranial nerves? 

Wellness Life Zone, Foot Zone Academy has discovered all acupressure points associated with each one of these cranial nerves.  Wellness Life Zone Practitioners trigger these acupressure points, stimulating the body to activate these cranial nerves at a normal line of health.

Cranial nerves control many body functions such as, smell, eyesight, eye movement, facial sensations, nerves to the teeth, equilibrium and hearing, taste, respiration and more.

Of the 12 pairs of cranial nerves, four pairs of nerves are dedicated to the function of your eyes.  Today I will be discussing these nerves and their functions.

  • Cranial nerves (2) – The optic nerves are sensory nerves for perimetry and used for searching the visual field of both your left and right sides up to 180 degrees, while looking forward.
  • Cranial nerves (3) –  oculomotor nerves are both sensory and motor nerves that control pupil constriction for close vision.  These nerves also control the eyeball movement of each eye by stimulating four major eyeball muscles.
  • Cranial nerves (4) – The trochlear nerves are both a sensory and motor nerves that control each superior oblique eyeball muscles.  They Processes brain signals to move the eyes up and down, and outward like a pulley.
  • Cranial nerves (6) – The abducens nerves are motor nerves that control each lateral rectus eyeball muscle, allowing the function of outward lateral movement.

If you are experiencing issues with any of these eye functions, you may want to contact a Wellness Life Zone, Foot Zone Practitioner in our directory, to schedule an appointment for a foot zone session.  Your foot zone practitioner will include these advanced signals in your session, helping to stimulate these regions associated with great eye health.

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