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Mackenzie Andersen

Andersen, Mackenzie

Highland, UT

Ann Anderson

Anderson, Ann

Pleasant Grove, UT

Anderson, Amber

Farmington, UT

Argyle, Laurie

Kaysville, UT

Jessica Ayres

Ayres, Jessica

Sandy, UT

I have been a certified Foot Zone practitioner for 11 years. For the last 3 years, I have been a certified Jin Shin Jyutsu practitioner. I am currently working toward being a certified Emotion code practitioner. I have had quite the journey in the discovery of my truth. I became aware of the power of energy work in 2005 because of the physical suffering of my daughter and my own chronic physical pains. I was young yet I felt like I was 80. I began the path of self-discovery to uncover the cause behind the pain. I learned that the limiting attitudes and beliefs accumulated from mental and emotional traumas of my ancestors and my own life experiences were keeping me trapped in undesirable vicious cycles in my life. Once I began the process of reconnecting disrupted energy in my body due to those limiting beliefs and attitudes, I began to overcome my physical and emotional ailments allowing me to thrive spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and physically... becoming my most authentic self.

Bangerter, Darcy

South Jordan, UT

Jodi Baro

Baro, Jodi

South Jordan, UT

Heidi Bee

Bee, Heidi

Puyallup, WA

Stephanie Bridges

Bridges, Stephanie

Richfield, UT

Bryson, Jenni

Waikoloa, HI

Bybee, Kristy

Prosser, WA

Cecilia Campbell

Campbell, Cecilia

Kanagawa, UT

Galene Carter

Carter, Galene

Teton, ID

Brandi Cash

Cash, Brandi

Sugar House, UT

Chaves, Sue

Toquerville, UT

Lisa Cozzens

Cozzens, Lisa

Riverton, UT

Crawford, Jill

Lake Point, UT

De Arman, Jenne

West Valley City, UT

Montana Delao

Delao, Montana

Wellsville, UT

Lauri Drean

Drean, Lauri

South Weber, UT

Jennifer Feigleson

Feigleson, Jennifer

Kaysville, UT

Jennifer has a passion for learning and the practical application of knowledge. As a certified Lifestyle Educator, her first love is teaching and helping others to incorporate the foundational principles of health into their own lives through teaching professionally a 7 step workshop entitled “Lasting, Foundational Wellness and the 7 Steps to Take You There” this course mirrors the four bodies of health approach taught by Wellness Life Zone. Her experience presenting and educating in many capacities, including community awareness, lifestyle education, and the therapeutic value of essential oils, she now brings to individuals, one-on-one through Foot Zone Therapy. Currently pursuing a degree in Health Sciences, through Brigham Young University Idaho, with a focus on Public Health… Jennifer is serious about empowering others to harness the healing forces within each individual to improve their quality of life. Recently certifying as a Foot Zone Practitioner with Wellness Life Zone has been an experience in coming full circle in her journey. As a child she loved to play with her Father’s feet when he would come home from long meetings using water and her polished rocks. Her family has had a yearly Christmas tradition of Frankincense foot rubs on Christmas Eve for decades. Now she uses semi-precious gemstones and essential oils on her clients and her family using the “Gemi-zone” method introduced by Sharla Pearce. She is excited to join the Wellness Life Zone Team of outstanding practitioners.

Debbie Gardner

Gardner, Debbie

Draper, UT

Natalie Gate

Gate, Natalie

Mount Pleasant, UT

Tracie Goettig

Goettig, Tracie

Lehi, UT

Amber Gunnell LMT

Gunnell LMT, Amber

Riverton, UT

Amber graduated from massage school in 1999. Adding foot zoning to her massage career in 2016 has taken her abilities to help people heal to a much deeper level. With a background in herbs, energy healing, and doula work, her well rounded expertise in holistic health has created a long legacy of healing for her clients.

Jenalee Hansen

Hansen, Jenalee

Syracuse, UT

Hanson, Amber

Aberdeen, SD

Hailey Haywood

Haywood, Hailey

Clearfield, UT

Heileson, Karen

Kamuela, HI

Holyoak, Anne

Cedar Hills, UT

Holyoak, Abby

Cedar Hills, UT

Amber Jensen

Jensen, Amber

South Jordan, UT

In 1992 Amber started the Foot Zone Therapy course of study from Doctor Charles Ersdal M.D., M.A., father of Foot Zone Therapy Technique TM. She completed her board certification on April 24th 1994 through Ersdal’s Center for Alternative Medicine, Kristiansand, Norway. Board Members included Dr. Charles Ersdal, and instructors Katri Nordblom of the American Foot Zone Association, Mary Jo Morgan, Julie Holderegger, and Raya Johansson. A year after Doctor Ersdal’s death, Amber started to teach Foot Zone classes in Utah in 1996, instructing basic fundamentals of the technique to help moms administer health needs to their families. She developed flow charts, workbooks and made a DVD for easy Foot Zone study. Over the past 20 years she has worked on several hundred clients with broad varieties of conditions. She studies the issues in-depth, and helps bring clients back to a normal line of health. Through her studies, much inspiration and new discoveries of the Foot Zone have come to her. “It has been a privilege to use the Foot Zone and new discoveries on clients, and see health benefits occur with such a simple technique. I love my career! It’s fun to wake up with passion for what I get to do every day. It’s rewarding to meet clients, and see changes take place for good in their lives. Earlier in life I was so sick, with no answers for me and wondering where to turn. So I get what so many are going through. I have been there too. Foot Zone Therapy gave me back my health and this is exactly why I am a Foot Zone Practitioner and certify others in this field today. “ Complimentary to the Foot Zone, Amber is a Certified LifeLine TM Practitioner by Doctor Darren Weissman of Chicago, who also trained her in Muscle Response Testing, harmonizing subconscious emotional patterns of reaction that may inhibit optimal health, success and joy. She is trained in Cranial Sacral, Allergy Release, and the Neuro Emotional Technique from Nancy Wilson of Oregon. Amber has in-depth studies of anatomy and physiology, gem therapy, color therapy, Tao 5 element energy work, health supplementations, greens, tinctures, chakras and aroma therapy. She draws on these individually or collectively, depending on the needs of the client. Amber lives in Utah and is married to her sweetheart, Douglas B. Jensen, since 1985. They have 6 children, 2 grandchildren and more on the way. They love to get away to the mountains in Montana to 4-wheel and enjoy the outdoors. Amber works closely with the youth in her church. She loves the quotes, “A smile is a curve that can set most anything straight” and “There isn’t anyone I can’t love when given a chance to know their story.”

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Natalie Kirton

Kirton, Natalie

Draper, UT

Levitan, Melissa

Kamuela, HI

Mackintosh, Debbie

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Mallory, Kathy

Orem, UT

Malouf, Michele

Wiakoloa, HI

Myrna Lisa Maw LMT

Maw LMT, Myrna Lisa

Taylorsville, UT

Merkle, Peggy

Ammon, ID

Debbie Mohlman

Mohlman, Debbie

Bountiful, UT

Newman, Brenda

Riverton, UT

Lisa Nielsen

Nielsen, Lisa

Bluffdale, UT

Mindy Nielson

Nielson, Mindy

Kaysville, UT

Mindy Nielson has a passion for learning about nutrition, exercise, and the body’s overall ability to heal itself. In a quest to overcoming her health challenges, she began a search for alternative methods. Her own personal search led her to the Foot Zone technique. After the very first appointment, she knew that she had found the help she had been searching for. Each time she had a session, her body continued unraveling imbalances and brought such a life altering change that she knew she needed to bring this to others. Mindy has completed two advanced certification courses in the Foot Zone Technique, and is a Certified FootZone Instructor. Mindy is currently completing her degree in Public Health Education at BYU-I to deepen her knowledge of health and wellness. Mindy has witnessed the benefits of whole food, sleep, sunlight, meditation, exercise, water, and fresh air. When these things are implemented into one’s daily regimen, they aid in healing naturally. She knows that when a person is awakened to the knowledge of health, it empowers them to regain control of their purpose, and as one regains control of purpose, they are able to fulfill their greatest potential. Mindy has seen how the Foot Zone has brought about many miraculous moments in not only her own life, but in the lives of her clients. Nothing brings Mindy greater joy than sharing this hidden treasure of knowledge with the world.

Olsen, Nicole

Woods Cross, UT

Jenni Orton

Orton, Jenni

Kamuela, HI

Jenni is a fun, enthusiastic Foot Zone Practitioner, Instructor, and Life Coach who is passionate about empowering men, women, and children to live their truth! After a tragic car accident, she was lead to the Foot Zone which expedited her healing more powerfully than anything else she tried; both through traditional medicine and natural medicine. Shortly after receiving her first Foot Zone Certification, Jenni left her career behind to start up her business doing Foot Zoning full-time. After zoning for a couple of years, she found herself searching for more knowledge and depth to the Foot Zone technique. She was lead to Wellness Life Zone where she discovered the advanced technique, which has exponentially enhanced her Foot Zone! Her clients have remarked at how much more powerful her sessions are and how they are seeing more lasting effects. Jenni is so grateful to be part of the Wellness Life Zone team as an Instructor and loves sharing these gifts with those open and ready to embrace this advanced training.

Painton, Tami

Kamuela, HI

Sharla Pearce

Pearce, Sharla

Sandy, UT

Sharla started Foot Zoning in 2004 and has certification from two different Foot Zone Schools, including learning from one of the very best, Amber Jensen, who was a student of the late Dr. Charles Ersdal. In 2014 Sharla opened up Wellness Life Zone, Foot Zone Academy with Amber Jensen, and with her they have discovered over 80 additional foot zone signals and created beautiful, detailed, illustrated charts that are color coordinated and very easy for our students to understand and follow. Sharla also developed the Gemi Zone Technique, in which gemstone tools are used to stimulate the signals in the feet. Sharla not only enjoys sharing her knowledge and experience of the Foot Zone and the Gemi Zone Techniques with her students, but also continues to help others in her private Foot Zone practice.

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Kolae Perkins

Perkins, Kolae

Brigham City, UT

Pratt, Diane

Ogden, UT

Gloria Pulver

Pulver, Gloria

Taylorsville, UT

Ratcliff, Jill

Riverton, UT

Robbins, Jeanie

Stevensville, MT

Kim Shafer

Shafer, Kim

South Jordan, UT

Sharp LMT, Julie

Salt Lake City, UT

Smedley, Lynda

Kaysville, UT

Sharee Snyder LMT

Snyder LMT, Sharee

Taylorsville, UT

Rachelle Stringham

Stringham, Rachelle

Springville, UT

Kathleen Therianos

Therianos, Kathleen

Tooele, UT

Jessica Thornock

Thornock, Jessica

Temple, TX

Marlynae Thueson

Thueson, Marlynae

South Jordan, UT

Susan Tiede

Tiede, Susan

Layton, UT

Mindy Wheeler LMT

Wheeler LMT, Mindy

Clearfield, UT

Jessica Whittaker

Whittaker, Jessica

Orem, UT

Wilcox, Tamara

Tooele, UT

Domonique Williams

Williams, Domonique

Highland, UT

Sandy Williams LMT

Williams LMT, Sandy

Salt Lake City, UT

Wyne, Elissa

Kaysville, UT