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Wellness Life Zone, Foot Zone Academy is one of the fastest-growing foot zone certification schools. We offer the most advanced instruction and state-of-the-art resources of any foot zone education program nationwide, which indude over 100 newly discovered advanced foot zone accupressure points and online student classes. Our curriculum and Board testing are patterned after National Massage Board standards, and we fully comply with and exceed the Utah Foot Zone Association (UFZA) standards.


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Brain Health is a Step to Total Health

Brain Health is a Step to Total Health

Our brain is a very complex organ and probably the most essential organ in the body. Taking care of your brain health should be part of your daily fitness routine, and protecting your cognitive and emotional wellbeing is an investment in a productive life as you age. Brain health enables…

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Living A Healthy Lifestyle with Foot Zoning During the Holiday Season

As we head into the winter season and holidays, a few changes take place, including lifestyles. First, the days and sunlight become shorter, robbing us of the sun’s natural vitamin D. Vitamin D is essential for strengthening our bones and teeth, increasing testosterone, regulation of hormones, combating respiratory issues, increasing…

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What is Foot Zoning

What is Foot Zoning?

When it comes to alternative forms of healing, you would have come across Ayurveda and acupuncture. You would have also heard about oil-pulling and tapping. However, there is one type of healing which is yet to go mainstream and quite as powerful as the above techniques. In a time where…

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Gemstone Therapy Tools Advance the Effects of Foot Zoning

All my life, my sister and I have been rock hounds and have a difficult time keeping shoes on our feet.  As a little girl, I lived in the countryside and loved running barefoot up and down the dirt roads.  Not until years later did I discover the benefits of…

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