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Kathy TherianosI have suffered from fibromyalgia pain for years. I have tried several natural healing modalities and find that I get incredible healing results with Foot Zoning. Foot Zoning is a totally natural, healthy way to reduce stress, manage pain and regain balance in my life on a mental, physical and spiritual level. After my Foot Zone sessions I feel the heaviness and the stress of life lifted and I am able to face the world again. Foot Zoning is better than a sedative or muscle relaxer!
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Fascia forms the largest system in the body, as it is the system that touches all other systems. It is full of life, memories, emotions, and consciousness. Fascia can have a huge impact on your health.  Within this system, it has been discovered that humans emit highly coherent photons of light and that our DNA […]Read More >>

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