Foot Zone Technique Certification Course

This is a UFZA approved certification course for those interested in pursuing a successful career in the holistic field. The Foot Zone Technique is a fun, rewarding career in which you get to make a difference in the health and well-being of others while providing a great income for your family. This course is designed to AWAKEN your gifts, EMPOWER you to use them and ASPIRE you to help lift and benefit the lives of family members and others.

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Our goal at Wellness Life Zone Foot Zone Academy is to teach students like you the Foot Zone Technique with:

  • Beautifully illustrated and colorful foot zone charts
  • Color coordinated, easy to follow directions of the Foot Zone Technique
  • Anatomy maps that coordinate with the signal map of the feet
  • Online animation steps to follow in class as well as at home
  • Clear understanding of anatomy and the workings of physiology made simple and fun with presentations, games and study techniques, as well as access to online anatomy and physiology videos
  • Colorful anatomy and physiology books written specifically for our Foot Zone Academy students
  • Instruction on how to use gem tools for stimulation of the foot zone signals, along with the basic understanding of gem therapy and how gems support the Foot Zone Technique
  • Basic understanding of essential oils and herbs to obtain balanced health
  • Education of key Universal Laws and principles and how to easily apply them
  • Applied touch points using Traditional Chinese Medicine Meridians found on the feet
  • Business policies, ethics and procedures, along with the Wellness Life Zone marketing plan for Foot Zone Technique practitioners and instructors
  • Certification with over 300 credit hours of personal instruction and home study, including 50 foot zone practicums
  • Board Certification Exam
  • “Celebration of Learning” graduation party

Our Certified Foot Zone Practitioner Program Allows for Many Opportunities:

  • C.E. Library Subscription
  • C.E. Student Online Resources and Live Classes Subscription
  • C.E. WLZ Conferences
  • C.E. Foot Zone Association Conferences
  • C.E. Opportunities for CPR and/or First Aid Certification
  • Opportunity to audit and facilitate in-person classes for free (upon classroom availability)
  • Opportunities to participate in paid community foot zoning events
  • Opportunities to participate in non-profit foot zoning events
  • Opportunities to participate in science-based research for our foot zone journals
  • You will be included in the WLZ Foot Zone Practitioner Directory
  • 10% discount on selected Gemi Tool products
foot zoning
Foot Zone Certification Course
anne Foot Zone Certification Course
Foot Zone Certification Course
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