Preparing for Childbirth with Foot Zone Therapy

If you are planning to get pregnant and wPreparing for Childbirth with Foot Zone Therapyant to get foot zones throughout your pregnancy here are a few helpful insights.

If you have never had a foot zone, or it has been a long time since you have received one, you should prepare yourself beforehand by drinking plenty of healthy water, cutting out unhealthy foods from your diet, and adding in more live foods, especially greens.  A foot zone helps bring your body back to a standard line of health, also known as a “thriving nature.”  So, if you have any toxins in your body, a change in diet will start the detoxifying and rebuilding process, and the foot zone will help speed up this process.  But you don’t want to detox too quickly, or you may experience a “healing crisis.”  A healing crisis is when your body detoxes too fast, causing you to feel flu-like symptoms, but will go away on its own.  There is no need to rush the detox process, so that is why it is best to start drinking healthy water and eating better before you start your foot zone sessions.  This is the beginning of creating a healthy environment for your organs and your baby.

Since most people have a leaky gut, add some probiotics to your daily intake to help heal it.  Fermented veggies are an easy and cost-effective way to get plenty of probiotics.

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In the first trimester of your pregnancy, the body requires twice as much thyroid hormone to help your baby’s brain and nervous system development.  Selenium, L-Tyrosine, and iodine are essential nutrients needed for your thyroid gland to produce your thyroid hormones, so make sure you get plenty of foods that contain these essential nutrients.  Foods that are rich in selenium are brazil nuts, sunflower seeds, brown rice, and eggs.  Foods rich in L-Tyrosine are avocados, bananas, lima beans, sesame seeds, and almonds.  Foods rich in iodine are sea veggies and cod.

Getting foot zoned on a regular basis throughout your pregnancy helps all your organs and systems maximize their potential as your body makes changes to support the baby and prepare for delivery.  As your baby’s size increases, it begins to tax your body and can slow down digestion.  Foot zoning helps stimulate your digestive canal to keep you regulated.  Your circulatory system increases its blood supply 50 percent to support the taxation of your heart and to support your uterus.  The uterus will eventually need 1/5th of your blood supply.   Foot zoning helps stimulate blood flow and kidney filtration, to help maintain a healthy blood PH.  The Endocrine system will release pregnancy hormones to help soften your bones, tendons, ligaments, and muscles, causing your pelvis and pelvic floor to stretch, preparing the birth canal for delivery.  There are several foot zone signals for explicitly addressing these hormones and the pelvic floor.

Many expectant mothers become very anxious, even impatient about having their baby “on time.”  Often a mother will call a foot zone practitioner, asking to be induced with a foot zone.  Let’s clear something up first before discussing foot zone induction.  Due dates are an estimation of 40 weeks from the first day of your last menstrual cycle.  It is vital not to obsess about the estimation date.  Only about 5% of babies are born on their estimated “due date.”  During the 37th week, your baby begins to develop its own immune system.  During the 38th week, the placenta transfers even more nutrition to the baby and prepares its vessels for clotting.  During the 39th week, the baby puts on more fat to keep warm after the birth.  During the 40th week, the baby’s muscles become more developed and advanced, so the baby is able to suck and swallow even better.  Full gestation across the board usually means less time in the hospital for your baby.

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Getting back to a foot zone induction.  Can a foot zone help induce labor?  Yes, several women have gone into labor within a few hours to a few days after receiving a foot zone induction, but only if the pregnancy is on time and ready.  Foot zoning will not force you into labor.  In fact, if you are not prepared, it will help support your body to carry the baby as long as necessary giving it ample opportunity to develop fully.

Your body has an innate blueprint for pregnancy and delivery too.  The foot zone always supports the body’s design. Once you are pregnant, the plan of your body transforms to accommodate the shift in your body to support the pregnancy.  Many midwives love foot zone therapy and become trained in foot zoning or will refer their patients to a trusted foot zone practitioner.

Article by:

Amber Jensen

Co-Owner of Wellness Life Zone, Foot Zone Academy


To find a qualified foot zone professional near you, look for the following most common foot zone titles:

  • Certified by Dr. Ersdal (father of foot zone therapy) – Foot Zone Therapist
  • Certified by Wellness Life Zone, Foot Zone Academy – Foot Zone Practitioner
  • Certified by Nordblom Institute – Foot Zonologist, or Zonologist (trademark)
  • commonly used nick names for some practitioners or a hobbiest – footzoner, foot zoner, or zoner