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Wellness Life Zone views health as living one’s inherent blueprint of a “Thriving Nature”. This includes all 4 bodies of health; spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical. Whether you are looking to improve yours, or your families health or you are interested in pursuing a career in Foot Zoning, our classes will AWAKEN inside what you already know, EMPOWER you to develop your gifts, and ASPIRE you to achieve your greatest purpose.

Wellness Life Zone, Foot Zone Academy has created the most advanced Foot Zone Course available worldwide.  Our Foot Zone Course is a hybrid of both live and on-line student resources.  For more details please contact us at 801-897-1153 or 801-598-5699.

NOTE:  Always consult with your health professional before receiving any therapeutic foot zone or other service offered by Wellness Life Zone Foot Zone Academy. Our instructional staff and educational system cannot diagnose any condition, nor do we claim to heal your body. Our services help to bring your body into homeostatic balance; the body itself does the healing work.


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This is a UFZA approved Foot Zone Certification Course for those interested in pursuing a successful career in the holistic field of foot zoning. The Foot Zone Technique is a fun, rewarding career in which you get to make a difference in the health and well being of others while providing a great income for your family. This course is designed to AWAKEN your gifts, EMPOWER you to use them and ASPIRE you to help lift and benefit the lives of family members and others.


The Foot Zone Scholar Course was created for ALL certified Foot Zone Practitioners wishing to advance their education and knowledge of the Foot Zone Technique.  Get greater results with your clients and gain confidence in your zoning abilities by adding over 100 newly discovered Foot Zone signals to your foot zone protocol. (This course is designed for certified foot zone practitioners that have received their education from other schools. WLZ certified students receive this training as part of the certification course.)

For more information about this program, contact us at Wellness Life Zone
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Every home should have knowledge and access to the Foot Zone, this course is for those who want to learn the basic practice of this technique and have it at their fingertips for their family.   It has been found beneficial in helping to maintain family health and wellbeing. This class is for family and personal use only.

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gemi zone


The Gemi Zone Technique is a unique form of gemstone therapy that was developed by Wellness Life Zone. The Gemi Zone Technique utilizes the science of piezoelectricity of gems by applying pressure to the feet or body with gemstones. This piezoelectrically induced current of the gems and tissues of the body activates the healing processes in the stimulated area. Thus, this mechanically induced electrical energy has a great regulatory effect on and at the cellular and molecular levels of the human body.

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