Foot Zone Certification
  • The WLZ Foot Zone Certification Course is a hybrid of both live and online classes, which makes it the perfect foot zone certification course for anyone living in or out of our area.
  • The Foot Zone Certification Course runs for 7 months with classes held 2 days a month. The days of the month vary so check each session before reserving your seat.
  • Bi-Monthly Zoom Meetings. This gives students the opportunity to have additional training, tutoring, and support in between live class time.
  • The course costs $3950, which includes tuition and the following:
    -Foot Zone Chart Books (4)
    -Anatomy & Physiology Books (6)
    -Foot Zone Systems Chart Book
    -Energy Healing Technique Zone Book
    -Gemi Zone Reference Book
    -Access to gem tools to practice with.  Students can purchase gem tool items at a 10% discount on most items.  We suggest that you tryout and practice with our gem tools for a while to get a feel for what you like and what best fits your foot zoning style.
    -Online student resources.  Including:  Foot zone instructional videos, A&P videos, the Professional Foot Zone Practitioner business, ethics, and protocol videos, online student quizzes, worksheets, and board exams.
    -Additional emotional foot zone charts
  • Course includes an additional 3 day Jumpstart Program (4 options are available throughout the year:  January, March, June, & September)
  • Prices may vary in states and countries outside of Utah
  • You may qualify for up to a $1000 scholarship
  • Call for more details at 801-897-1153 or 801-598-5699

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