Free Foot Zone Class in Sandy, UT

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Foot Zone Therapy is a healing method that has been used for thousands of years. Today, Foot Zone Therapy is administered by a Certified Foot Zone Therapist or Practitioner. So much happens during sessions and practitioner experience and knowledge is essential to achieving the full benefits.

In classes at, Sandy Utah, you will learn the history of Foot Zoning and the “Body Map” on the foot. You will discover the relationship of the map to your entire physical body. You will gain the knowledge of how to apply a total Zone Balance as you follow an in-depth flip chart. You will begin to understand how the treatment works, and why Foot Zoning is so vital to overall health.

Additional classes study the Endocrine and Digestive Systems and their functions and ways you can help clients strengthen and repair these systems. Additional courses will teach you about the Structural and Nervous Systems, their functions, and ways you can strengthen these systems. Learn how to repair past damage and bring clarity back into the lives of your clients.

Foot Zone classes teach you how to listen to what the feet are telling you about the conditions of your body. The bones and muscles that give structure to your client’s bodies is essential to feel as bones and muscles provide the signals that provide cellular communication.

Additional classes study include the Excretory and Circulation system, and the ways you can strengthen these systems and repair past damage. Specific placement and treatment of these systems teach you how to detoxify and cleanse your client’s bodies. Foot Zoning classes also show you how proper circulation can provide rejuvenation to the body.

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