Within each of us is an innate blueprint of wholeness. This blueprint knows “self” in our perfect essence, which is what we call the normal line of health or the ability to thrive.

Every part of us, from the body, right to our atoms and the electromagnetic field, has the formula to this blueprint. Inherent signals in the feet map out this system and we treat the feet as a keyboard, triggering the entire map of the body right to the cellular level. There isn’t a cell in the body more than seven years old. Once the signal is triggered through a therapeutic Foot zone, the blue print of health is awakened and knows exactly what to do. If a cell has the ability to be repaired, then the formula of the blue print will correct and heal it. If the cell is damaged beyond repair, then the formula of the blue print will slough the cell, making room for a new and healthy one. We are beings of energy and frequency held inside trillions of atoms. Atoms form together to become specialized cells. And specific cells form into organs and glands. Together several organs form specific systems such as the immune system. All systems communicate and work together through meridians in the body to maintain the blueprint of “self” and thriving health. The practice of a therapeutic Foot Zone is a powerful, yet non-invasive, and simple technique that quickly empowers the blue print of the body to recover something as small as a single cell, to something as large as a system in the body, bringing mental, emotional, and physical energies back to optimum health.