Student_Mindy WheelerWellness Life Zone is hands down the BEST Foot Zone Technique certification course out there! The instructors teach with in-depth and complete knowledge of the zone. They help each student on a deep personal level to achieve their personal and career goals. The technique taught is advanced; the charts and mapping help gain a clear understanding of the entire body in great detail and in relation to the zone. They focus on AWAKENING what we already know, EMPOWERING students to be who they were sent here to be, and help ASPIRE to achieve success through their life’s purpose. Wellness Life Zone was my second Foot Zone certification course, and it has been a huge stepping-stone in my personal journey. I will forever be grateful for the knowledge and friendships gained.

Mindy WheelerMassage Therapist, Foot Zone Practitioner

Student_Natalie Stevenson “This course (Foot Zone Technique Certification) was amazing! I knew nothing about Foot Zoning before this and I feel like I was introduced to a very important dimension of life that isn’t tapped into very often. They taught information about health and bring our lives into balance, which helped my life come more into balance and will allow me to help others be able to as well. The instructors are well educated and have a love for each and every student. They took the time to make sure we were doing okay and understood what was being presented. The information presented is a gold mine! I loved the course and it was well worth my time!” 

Natalie StevensonStudent

I  really enjoyed taking your class, and want you to know how grateful I am for all your knowledge and insight.  I love how you were able to explain the steps of the zone on the feet.  It made so much sense.  Classes were so exciting and inspiring!.  I learned so much more about the body and its systems.  Thanks for believing in me and giving me confidence to do this work.  



Kathy H.Massage Therapist

We have been using Foot Zone Therapy for many years and found it to be beneficial to our health. It has also been helpful in choosing nutritional support.

We also took the Foot Zone 1-2-3 course for our family and personal health needs. We are grateful for what we learned from our knowledgeable and intuitive instructor. Now we have the blessings of the Foot Zone at our own fingertips.

Ron & Nancy Condie

lizI suffer from a hereditary genetic condition called Mitocondrial Myopathy  It causes low energy, sleepiness, muscle weakness and atrophy.  I am also a type 2 diabetic and I produced too much cerebral fluid, which caused severe headaches.
I have been receiving Foot Zone treatments and I no longer take mediation for the excess cerebral fluid.  Since zoning I don’t have migraine headaches.  And it helps me stay alert.  Because of my condition, Chiropractics is too hard on my body.  But my body aligns itself after a zone.

Liz TidwellAmerican Cross Volunteer

 I have been doing hair for twelve years and own and run a studio salon. After hours on my feet day after day, Foot Zoning grounds me, rejuvenates me and puts my energies back in line. It has helped me on so many levels and with so many ailments, I am much more in tune mind, body and spirit!

Thank you.

From a single working mom of five.  I couldn’t do it without you!

Brandee BurtCosmetologist

Dixie's photoDuring my pregnancies I suffered from pre-term contractions and had been prescribed a medication to stop the contractions.  This medication gave me unpleasant side effects and I worried about the effects that would transfer to the baby.  I had seen positive results with Foot Zoning and wondered if treatments would alleviate my pregnancy issues.  I was amazed and relieved that as long as I was being zoned once a week, I did not have the contractions.

Since then, I have taken the zone therapy classes and learned that a Foot Zone will restore balance and alignment, now I understood why I was having pregnancy problems.  I am excited and grateful to have found an alternative that addresses the issues and not simply the symptoms.  I feel more empowered as I help my family in the same way.

Dixie Williams

CynthiaI get Foot Zoned every week. I really love it! I always feel more
grounded afterwards. I really look forward to the relaxation and sense
of well being I receive. It feels fantastic! I have back problems and
I have noticed the pain has subsided. It has also helped my chronic
sinus issues and headaches.

Cynthia Dobb's Millcreek Bed & Breakfast Owner

-1I have been getting Foot Zoned for years and with it seeing miraculous results.  Foot Zoning, along with other complimentary modalities they use, has left an indelible impact of feeling better; with more energy; and optimism facing challenges as they arise. Furthermore, through this gift we have experienced generational wellness and this has not only been amazing, but life changing.

Su Warburton JNF FOUNDATION- Director

Kaira Benee and family Mom and EstheticianphotoThe Foot Zone continues to heal and improve our family’s health and well being.  Our practitioner is one of the most gifted healers my family has ever worked with.  We are overwhelmed with gratitude every time we leave her presence.

Kaira Benee and Family Mom and Esthetician

-2When I found out I was expecting my first child, I knew that my health was something I needed to make a high priority. I started getting Foot Zoned weekly. It was absolutely fantastic!  I can honestly say that those 9 months that I was zoned were the healthiest of my life.  I felt great, and I had the confidence that my body and baby were getting what they needed to be healthy and happy.

Kellieanne Albretsen

For the past 9 months I have had constant, painful sharp echoing of sound with any type of noise. It made me feel like I was in a cave, and as if something was burning inside of my ears. It also gave me huge headaches. I was having balance issues and had three scary falls. The headaches and hearing seemed to be co-related. The doctor said to take Valium. It progressively got worse until I started being zoned.   After 4 treatments the echoing, sharp pains, and headaches are almost gone. And the pain in my eyes is totally gone. My balance has greatly improved and almost perfect. I am so impressed and on my way to full recovery.

Joyce R.Retired

By the second day of class I felt infused with energy and light. I knew I was taking part in something beyond myself, that was bigger than me, and I wanted to be part of it. As I practiced at home I was able to recognize the signals and how they correlated with the body. It was amazing! I had my own proof that foot zoning truly does work! I could not wait to finish my training and begin working on others. I know that this is inspired work. Thank you for all you have done and for sharing this inspired journey with me. I am very grateful!

Jenne A.Homemaker

photoI have been the beneficiary of the gift of foot zoning. Having been a client and a student, I got to learn from one of the best. The knowledge, intuition and teaching skills are fantastic. The human body can be intimidating and classes can be hard. But Wellness Life Zone, Foot Zone Academy is very helpful to learn from. Their talent, knowledge of zoning and people skills make classes very instructional and easy to enjoy. I recommend these classes to anyone with interest in bettering their health and of those around them, and seeking a great career.

Sarah HoopesEmotional Release Worker

Julie Archer 2I get Foot Zoned on a regular basis. It grounds me and I feel at peace, especially when dealing with the stresses of life. I have showed up a time or two to my Foot Zone appointments with an incredible headache, and by the end of my session my headache was completely gone. AMAZING!

Julie ArcherWife and Homemaker

doloris peanutbutter It is amazing how Foot Zoning makes me feel. I feel relaxed, centered and energetic. My husband benefits from my zoning sessions as well. He has made positive remarks after every session. He said, “I come home happy, energetic and in the best mood.” I am fortunate to have Foot Zoning in my life.

Dolores MartinNanoplotter at BioFire Diagnostic

10487107_10202321540545496_731612113_nI suffer from a rare form of Muscular Dystrophy. With this comes much pain. I get Foot Zoned once a week because it significantly helps me manage my pain in a natural, safe and noninvasive way. I also find that my congestion clears up and my digestion improves. I have benefited from Foot Zoning immensely and I would recommend it to anyone who needs relief.

Jason Christensen

Kathy TherianosI have suffered from fibromyalgia pain for years. I have tried several natural healing modalities and find that I get incredible healing results with Foot Zoning. Foot Zoning is a totally natural, healthy way to reduce stress, manage pain and regain balance in my life on a mental, physical and spiritual level. After my Foot Zone sessions I feel the heaviness and the stress of life lifted and I am able to face the world again. Foot Zoning is better than a sedative or muscle relaxer!

Kathy TherianosWife and Homemaker