Our vision


Foot Zoning brought Amber and Sharla together in 2005 when Sharla took Amber’s Foot Zone class in Utah. As a student, Amber said, “Sharla stood out for her personal gifts and had a great touch while working on the feet.” They developed a close friendship over the years since and often talked and dreamed about opening up a Utah Foot Zone School together some day.

Two issues were big concerns in the timing of making their dreams come about. The first was the love of being a wife and mom, and each raising their families. The second issue was the practice of the foot zone in Utah not having its own legislation to stand on. Sometimes it was misconstrued with massage, and/or reflexology. Therefore it fell under the same laws as massage and reflexology, which did not pertain to Foot Zone certification and qualifications. This put Foot Zoning in Utah between the cracks of legalities.

In 2013 Sharla and Amber felt strongly that the time had come to address the Utah Foot Zoning laws so all Foot Zone Practitioners could have legislation support them in their practice and defined industry. As they were starting the process they discovered that Trudy Thurgood from southern Utah was doing the same thing, but was much further along in the process. Sharla and Amber, along with many other Foot Zone Practitioners joined forces and put their support behind the efforts and hard work of Trudy Thurgood. With the help of Rep. Brian Green, House Bill 207 (HB207) was created which would exempt the feet, hands and ears from massage law.

HB 207 passed the Utah House of Representatives and Senate and was signed by Governor Gary Herbert on April 1st, 2014. HB207 officially became law on May 13, 2014.

In April 2014, The Utah Foot Zone Association was created to meet the requirements of HB207 and the Department of Professional Licensing (DOPL) and establish an association that could “define, recognize and certify” the Foot Zone “industry”. Trudy Thurgood stands as the Committee Chair Person, Sharla Pearce as Historian, Kathy Atkinson as Legislative Liaison, Amber Jensen as Membership Clerk, and Brad Noal as a committee member.

As all of this began to fall into place, Amber and Sharla co-founded Wellness Life Zone, Foot Zone Academy, opening their doors the end of February 2014. With their knowledge, experience and inspiration, they saw the opportunity to take Foot Zoning in Utah and the rest of the nation to the next level to share with others. They believe that each one of us has been given blessings, gifts, talents and abilities. And feel they have the responsibility to use theirs, to help each student develop his or her own gifts, to uplift and bless the lives of others.