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Diane Pratt

Layton, UT, USA

tel:+801-856-7478  [email protected]

Diane Pratt has been practicing foot zone therapy for the past 17 years. She has trained with and then taught for both the Nordblum Institute of Foot Zone Therapy and Sure Footed Renewal. In 2017, she furthered her education with Wellness Life Zone and has since certified to become an instructor with their educational training program. Through her passion for foot zoning, she has accumulated 15 years experience teaching students how to help themselves, their family and others to experience better health and wellness. She always says that as long as you have your two hands, wherever you are you can help someone in need. Working with and helping clients has been her joy! In order to enhance her ability to help clients, Diane furthered her education and in 2012 she became a Licensed Massage Therapist. She specializes in relaxation and therapeutic massages. In 2015, after traveling to Denver, Colorado to take quarterly classes for two years at the Rocky Mountain Orthobionomy Center, Diane became one of the first certified practitioners of Orthobionomy in the State of Utah. It is a modality that goes along well with foot zoning and massage. All of these methods are helpful for reducing pain and allowing our body to be able to self-correct. Diane has taken many classes and taught classes on essential oils. She enjoys working with the chakras and singing bowls. All of this helps enhance the experience she is able to provide for her clients. Her goal is to help people feel more balanced, relaxed and pain-free!