Student_Jenni Orton

Jenni Orton

Jenni is a fun, enthusiastic Foot Zone Practitioner, Instructor, and Life Coach who is passionate about empowering men, women, and children to live their truth! After a tragic car accident, she was lead to the Foot Zone which expedited her healing more powerfully than anything else she tried; both through traditional medicine and natural medicine.

Shortly after receiving her first Foot Zone Certification, Jenni left her career behind to start up her business doing Foot Zoning full-time. After zoning for a couple of years, she found herself searching for more knowledge and depth to the Foot Zone technique. She was lead to Wellness Life Zone where she discovered the advanced technique, which has exponentially enhanced her Foot Zone! Her clients have remarked at how much more powerful her sessions are and how they are seeing more lasting effects.

Jenni is so grateful to be part of the Wellness Life Zone team as an Instructor and loves sharing these gifts with those open and ready to embrace this advanced training.