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Stephanie Hawks

Logan, UT, USA

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Stephanie graduated from Utah State Universty in Family Consumer Human Development in 2013. After finding the traditional dietetics masters program was not a fit for her knew holistic interest she looked into other programs. In 2015 she graduated from Nordbloom Institute of Footzone Therapy. After encountering serious health decline in herself and family, she focused on healing her body with high nutrition foods. Stephanie is passionate about education for holistic health with nutrition and herbs. She certified as a Paleo and Raw Nutritionist in 2016 and A master Reiki practitioner in 2017. Stephanie found Wellness Life Zone Foot Zone Academy in 2017 and furthered her foot zone training and is now an instructor. Stephanie loves to create healthy treats and allergy friendly foods. She loves to help families really understand what they are eating and the effects it has on their bodies. She plans on starting her training as an herbalist in 2019 to help with educating others on supporting the body. Stephanie admits she has an addiction to learning, she will seek therapy for her addiction after she knows everything. Stephanie currently lives in Logan, Utah with her super cool husband, wonderful children, and dogs.