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Gemi Zone Seminar


It’s simple! It’s easy! It’s life changing!

Cell biologists have discovered the links with our DNA and choices we make. Cutting edge science shows how your thoughts, emotions, stresses, social factors and environment communicates with, accesses, and influences your DNA.

These workshops are designed to teach you:
  • How the energy of the mind, emotions and body works; backed by scripture and science
  • Quick effective ways to balance and master the energy pathways of the Meridians and Chakras
  • The inner-workings of the conscious and subconscious mind, along with given techniques to bridge the gap between the two minds that caused stress and disease
  • The laws that govern muscle testing/kinesiology for diagnostic purposes of the 4 bodies of health; your energy field, mind, emotions and body
  • How to identify blocks in the 4 energy fields, how to clear them, and how to re-set and activate the 4 bodies of health
  • Ways to Muscle Test, and when it is and isn’t appropriate to muscle test–how not to confuse muscle testing as a divining tool
  • The harnessing beauty of God’s laws
  • Scriptural blueprints– God is a god of order and when we approach Him through appropriate laws that give light and knowledge, as outlined in the scriptures, His spirit guides us aright

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