Our vision

Sharla Pearce

Sharla’s family members experienced chronic health issues that modern medicine could not properly diagnose or relieve. She was eventually introduced to natural healing modalities such as herbs, essential oils, energy work and foot zoning, all of which proved to be very beneficial for the health of her and her family.

Sharla became a certified foot zone practitioner through coursework offered at various schools, but was most impressed with the training she received from Amber Jensen in 2005. “The foundational principles of Dr. Charles Ersdal, father of Foot Zone Therapy, were more complete with Amber Jensen,” Sharla explains. “I chose to partner with Amber in 2014, and together we created Wellness Life Zone Foot Zone Academy.”

Sharla and Amber created course material and charts that are unprecedented in the industry worldwide. They wanted to bring the foot zone technique into the 21st century with state-of-the-art charts, A&P classes that relate to the foot zone, and online student resources.

Sharla has learned other modalities that complement the foot zone. She is experienced in mind/body scanning, emotional zoning, energy zoning, chakra therapy, radionics, essential oils and gem therapy. She combined her love of both the foot zone and gem therapy and created the Gemi Zone Technique™ in 2014.

In 2014, Sharla also wrote the Gemi Zone Reference Charts © as a quick reference to the healing properties of gemstones, coordinating them with the 4 bodies of health — emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical. Through the years, this reference has expanded to include 120 different gemstones! At the same time, Sharla began working closely with an engineer to create the Gemi Tool™, which went to market in 2015.  These incredible resources are now available to practitioners, massage therapists, energy workers, and individuals nationwide.

Sharla has served as one of the original board members of the Utah Foot Zone Association (UFZA) since 2014 as the Historian, and currently serves as an advisor to the Board. Wellness Life Zone Foot Zone Academy is one of several foot zone schools that were instrumental in establishing the UFZA and its policies and procedures.

After working with hundreds of clients and students, Sharla says, “I absolutely love and enjoy what I do now. When I get up in the morning, I am excited to go to work. I get to help improve the health and lives of others. It’s a fun and rewarding career. I wish I would have started this career path years ago!”

When she isn’t working with clients and students, Sharla spends time with her husband, Clay, and her 4 incredible children. She also loves big band music and sings loud and proud to her favorite songs and loves to curl up with a good book and just enjoy some quiet alone time. Sharla is a huge Disney fan, so it is no wonder when she needed animation done for their state-of-the-art videos of the Foot Zone Technique, she used a Disney animator. Sharla truly believes in the words of Walt Disney, “All our dreams can come true – if we have the courage to pursue them.” When the time comes, some 50 years from now, she plans on celebrating her 100th birthday at Disneyland!